Girl’s Soccer Succeeds Through New Season

By Matt Schkolnick, Staff Writer

The girl’s soccer team continues its success with an outstanding start, beginning the season with a 6-1 start.

After a fantastic season last year, the girls are off to a strong start and will be looking to continue their success this season. With the key losses of seniors, Jenn French and Casey Krause, other players are looking to step up.

As a young team, Coach Roof will look to his sophomores to be major contributors to the team. Sophomores Logan Boenning, Alice Caballero, Amanda Bostwick, and Lauren Soranno will all look to contribute and help out. Bostwick, Caballero, and Soranno are all returning players. Sophomore goalie Olivia Emanuel has replaced Krause since the first game, and has been leading the team from the goal through the early parts of the season. Senior captain Lauren Jankowski, a South Carolina soccer commit, has led the Highlanders in goals so far. Lauren’s younger sister, Riley Jankowski, has also made major contributions to the team early on in the season. Isabella Bjorkeson, a key contributor to the team claimed, “It’s going to be a really good season with a strong team, and definitely a strong team for the next couple of years.”

On the varsity team, there are seven seniors, three juniors, ten sophomores, and one freshman, Riley Jankowski. The team captains are seniors Haley Clark, Missy Quinn, Lauren Jankowski, and Jenny Pires. The coach, Mike Roof, said that the girls’ “usual play dominate the other teams, show great technique, and give the other teams no time and space.” Bjorkeson says she feels a “click” with the other girls on her team, which can definitely explain the great wins. The team work to continue their success in upcoming games against Union and New Providence.


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