Governor Livingston’s Next Top Model?

By Emma DiMaio, Staff Writer

“Smize!” The word that loyal America’s Next Top Model watchers, contestants and Nina Burns have been hearing for weeks now. It means, as Tyra Banks would put it, to smile with your eyes.

Nina Burns, a member of the Class of 2012, has made her way to Hollywood where she is cast as a contestant on the popular reality show, America’s Next Top Model. Nina enjoyed modelling for fun with her friends in high school, and is now beginning to pursue a serious career.

There’s no doubt that Nina Burns has been keeping some of the highest scores in her past episodes, which was greatly raised through her social media score. Social media has also been all over Nina when it came to her looks. Posts all over social networking claim that she looks very similar to Allison, a model who made it to the top two in Cycle 19. It was only in Week 6 that we saw her close to coming home. In that same week, Nina even starred in her first drama in the house where the models stayed. We had watched her since the beginning keep a protective eye on Chris, the outcast of the group, also from New Jersey. After his first conflict with the guys of the house, Nina swooped in to comfort him which resulted in the reveal of Chris’ back-story of a rough childhood. Since Nina’s comforting went on for 6 weeks, it was a shock to everyone when Chris became very abrasive towards Nina which set her off big time right before the model’s first individual photo shoot. That wasn’t the first time the spotlight was on Burns. Looking back at one of the first challenges, Nina had recently rolled her ankle and would soon have to face, or walk that is, a rotating runway. Lucky for Nina’s fans, “Ninadolls” as they call themselves, she made through the challenge with a median score. But can Nina Burns stay in the running towards America’s Next Top Model? “I think she can absolutely make it to the top” says one GL student. Keep watching, GL!


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