Isabella Bjorkeson’s Summer Adventure

By Lida Shamsaei Gil, Online & Copy Editor

Who did you climb Machu Picchu with?

I went with 3 families, including mine.

What was it like experiencing Peruvian culture?

I had the chance to try Peruvian food, like cooked guinea pig, and I also woke up every morning to beautiful skies and mountains.

How long did it take you to climb Machu Picchu? And what was the hardest part?

It took us four days to climb it. The hardest part was the second day; it is known as the “Dead Woman’s Path,” and it was four hours of uphill hiking.

What did you like most about this adventure?

I got to see amazing landscapes, local wildlife like lamas, and amazing skies with bright stars. I took lots of pictures for my photography collection.

Whose idea was it to climb Machu Picchu? And what kind of weather did you experience?

It was my parents’ idea to climb Machu Picchu, and the weather was mostly tropical rainforest weather.

Would you recommend the experience?

Definitely. They are planning on closing the climbing program to climb Machu Picchu soon, so I would recommend to anyone who wants to cross that off their bucket list to do it now.

What is your next thing on your Bucket List?

We are planning on going to ski in Colorado, and next summer we will be in a boated Caribbean tour.


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