Governor Livingston National Merit Scholars

By Shree Mehrotra, News Editor

On October 7, a breakfast was held for the Semifinalists and Commended Students in the 2014 National Merit Scholarship Program in the Guidance conference room at Governor Livingston.
Mrs. Rattner along with other district administrators attended the breakfast. Mr. McKinney spoke for a few minutes, congratulating the students on their hard work and wishing them luck in the future.
The Semi-finalists and Commended students were selected based on their scores from the PSAT they took as juniors last October.
The Semi-finalists are eligible to become National Merit Scholars, which will be awarded in early March 2014. Sixteen-thousand high school seniors from the United States are selected to be Semifinalists. After that, there is an application process to become one of 8,000 National Merit Scholars. The Class of 2013 had 18 Commended Scholars, 4 Semi-finalists, and 2 National Merit Scholars.
This year, the national cut off score for a Commended Scholar was 203, 2 points higher than last year’s 201; the New Jersey Semi-finalist score was 224.
The Governor Livingston 2014 National Merit Semifinalists are Lexi Cassano, Kira Mathias-Prabhu, and Helena Zhang.
The Governor Livingston 2014 National Merit Commended Students are Rachel Cantor, Matthew Chen, Ariana Chuba, Kyle Hall, Camelia Hegarty, Mukta Phatak, William Radin, and Laura Young.


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