Another Fantastic Season for Boy’s Soccer

By Kyle Brackman, Sports Editor

As usual, the boy’s soccer team has done a fantastic job this season. The team finished the season with a 14-6-1 record, and ended up making it to the second round of states.
It has been a very successful season for not only the team, but also for the individual players. Senior, Trevor Bachert, has scored fifteen goals alone, and junior, goalie Jake Topor, has collected over twenty saves throughout the season.
The season is never easy for Governor Livingston. They start their training mid-summer to late summer, and into early November. Their practice pays off and it shows, exemplified by their dramatic wins against several teams.
Chris Moran, a senior and one of two team captains talks about his last season, “I think that overall the season went great, it wasn’t the ending that we were all hoping for but we all grew as a team so much. Every one of us learned new aspects of the game and how to cope with different situations. All of us also learned never to give up with having so many comeback wins!”
With seven seniors from the soccer team graduating, the younger players will have big shoes to fill next year. It wont be easy, but it seems as though Jake Topor, who has built up a solid reputation as a great goalie is confident with this years season and the next. “Overall the season went amazing and I couldn’t have had a better time playing for such a great team. As a group we have great chemistry and have no trouble working together on offense and defense. Next year I’m looking to not have to carry the water jug and the team equipment!”
Coming back and beating great teams like Voorhees, Summit, and Union Catholic, has boosted the morale of the team. Around GL, it wasn’t uncommon to hear that someone on the team had scored two goals, or even three, the day before.
Altogether the 2013 season has been a success. Next year the younger players will have a lot of work to do to be able to perform like the team did this year but it is definitely possible, and even possible to do even better. To our soccer players this year, amazing job on a fantastic season.


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