Stars Shine Bright At The Golden Globes

By Annie O’Halloran, Staff Writer

Every year, the Golden Globes kick off the award show season. Viewers watch to see a new host every year make corny and mean jokes about celebrities, the best and worst fashion statements on the red carpet, and the best TV shows and movies. This year, nominations included favorite television shows and movies, humorous hosts, and a wide variety of dresses and other fashion.
On January 12, 2014, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosted the Golden Globes for the second year in a row. Unlike almost all other hosts, Amy and Tina are able to make jokes about actors and actresses and recite funny lines without offending all of Hollywood. Throughout the show, Tina and Amy dropped lines about George Clooney, Leo DiCaprio, and other celebrities. At one point, Amy Poehler dressed up as a teenage boy and pretended to be Tina’s child before her marriage. Amy walked around tables asking if certain celebrities were “her father” until the next presenters walked onto the stage.
The movie American Hustle won numerous awards including Best Motion Picture for a Comedy or Musical (beating out the recent movie Wolf of Wall Street). Both actresses, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams, won their category in Best Performance by an Actress and Best Performance by a Supporting Actress. Leonardo DiCaprio, star of Wolf of Wall Street, won the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Comedy or Musical. The controversial movie, also starring Jonah Hill and Naomi Lapaglia, was only nominated once, and fortunately DiCaprio was able to win it.
Frozen, a new movie, popular for a unique storyline and catchy songs, expectedly won the Best Animated Feature Film. Dallas Buyers Club, about a man diagnosed with AIDS in homophobic and racist Texas during 1985 who helps other patients receive the medicine they need, won numerous awards. Matthew McConaughey won Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama and Jared Leto won best Supporting Actor Role.
Popular Shows, Breaking Bad and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, were nominated for many categories and won multiple awards. Breaking Bad won the Best Television Series Drama and main actor, Brian Cranston, who plays the criminal science teacher, won Best Actor in a Drama Television Series. Brooklyn Nine-Nine also won a Best Television Series award and Andy Samburg, the main character, won Best Actor Performance for a Comedy or Musical TV Series. Along with those wins, other memorable wins and nominations included Behind the Candelabra (a Motion Picture made for Television), House of Cards, Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreations, and Dancing on the Edge.
Along with great movies and shows, there was also great fashion. Lupita Nyong’o, starring in the movie 12 Years a Slave (which won Best Motion Picture), was one of the best dressed. Her form fitting, red Ralph Lauren dress featured an attached, yet elegant cape. Her short hair, few accessories, and clean-faced makeup made her look refreshed and beautiful, an obvious best dressed that night. Also well dressed was Margot Robbie, who played Naomi Lapaglia in Wolf of Wall Street. The white Gucci dress had a low-cut neckline and high slit up the side, and was embellished lightly, making her look classic and elegant. Amy Adams, wearing Valentino, Naomi Watts in Tom Ford, and Olivia Wilde in Gucci were also among the best dressed that night.
The Golden Globes always promise entertainment – designer fashion, movies and TV shows to watch in the future, A- List celebrities to judge. Funny with jokes and humor from the hosts, and serious with a tribute to Woody Allen and great 30-second speeches, the Golden Globes always have surprises, stars, and screenplays.


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