How We Met The Mother

By Lida Shamsaei Gil, Online Editor

After nine long seasons, the TV Show of How I Met Your Mother is finally coming to an end. We have been through up’s and downs, break-ups and marriages, slap bets and funny puns, and all of it was worth it because we WANTED TO MEET THE MOTHER!
The story takes place in the past-tense but from the year 2030 in New York City. Narrated by Bob Saget, Ted (the main character) is telling his kids the story of how he met their mother. This story-telling happens to take nine years, but in a way it was necessary. Every single inside joke, every meeting, and every relationship in Ted’s life was necessary and a small little factor to him meeting the love of his life in the last season.
Since this show lasted nine years, it also means that everyone has seen at least a few episodes if not all of them of this funny romantic comedy. How I Met Your Mother, which is also known as HIMYM is “the only thing to look forward on a Monday”, and because the CBS channel aires a new episode almost every Monday, Twitter is THE place that viewers around the world choose to comment on each new episode.
The reason why this TV Show drew so many viewers was because meeting the mother was an excuse to tell the story of Ted Mosby’s (played by Josh Radnor) life in New York City. Other characters such as Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris) show the humorous character who is a player and does not find love until the very end.
This show can be confusing because there are at least three timelines to keep track of. There is the constant flashback that is taking place from 2005 to 2014, which is the time period that Ted will talk about from the year 2030. The second time travel is actually a flash-forward, it is much less present and is taking place after Ted is much older, married, and with kids. These flash-forwards are just peaks for the audience in order to understand better what happens years after he is telling the story; these take place after 2030, but we are not exactly sure what year. And finally the third flashback is the one that takes place between 2014 to around 2020, which is when he is in a relationship with his future wife, and does not have kids yet. Confused yet? Well just imagine applying that to Ted’s love life, and his work life.
So for every person that under-estimated the TV Show of How I Met Your Mother, just make sure to remind them that very few producers and actors are able to pull off a series in three different time periods.


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