In Loving Memory of Isadora Seibert

By the GL Community

In March of 2014, Governor Livingston lost one of its most amazing and youngest teachers. Ms. Isadora Seibert was only 25 when she was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of liver cancer known as fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma, and as a result, had to leave GL for treatment.
Ms. Seibert was a member of the Governor Livingston Science Department, teaching Freshmen Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Forensic Science, and Oceanography, but she also managed to touch the whole school. Part of what made Ms. Seibert so special was how much she cared, and her close friendships with other GL teachers. She connected with all of her students and always managed to brighten everyone’s day.
We decided collectively in newspaper class that we would dedicate a memorial for Ms. Seibert. This included speaking to those she was closest with and putting together a photo collage of everyone’s best memories with her.
Our first step was to speak with teachers, and immediately it became more than just writing another piece. We realized that when a person who is so close to someone is gone, it hits hard emotionally. Not only was it difficult for the staff to reminisce and pass their stories on to us, but it was a challenge for us to hear from each individual about how amazing of a person she was.
Throughout creating this memorial, everyone had several different emotions. There was definitely sadness, but also happiness because we were lucky to have known her. For those who did not know her, we hope you will be able to get an inkling of the wonderful person Ms. Seibert was. We know every single person misses her, regardless of whether they knew her or not. Thanks to everyone who shared their stories and memories, it is impossible not to feel the loss of someone who made such an inmpact and was so inherently good. She made this world a better place while she was here, and we are all grateful for that. To understand the emotional toll Ms. Seibert’s passing took on people in the GL community, we made this memorial to capture the feelings and the memories of some of those who knew her best.

In memory of Ms. Isadora Seibert (1988-2014)


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