Stay Gold

By Kyle Brackman, Sports Editor
The class of 2014 is graduating several key athletes to some of Governor Livingstons best sports teams.
To finally be awarded a gold letter an athlete must first be awarded regular varsity letters, every year from the day they start playing their sport. Laura Young is the only athlete this year who has received three gold letters, one for each season of the year.
“Getting this last gold letter was overall just amazing. So many things could have gone wrong while I was running for GL, I’ve been lucky that I have had no injuries that completely stop me from running. My junior year I had a thyroid issue, but I’m glad I worked through it.” says Laura Young.
Another athlete who achieved a gold letter was Jalen DeLeon for track. He looked at it very similarly to Young, “I was finally satisfied because after four years of hard work I finally got the gold letter,” commented Jalen.

Athletes who earned gold letters:

Ryan Jennings – Baseball

Laura Young – Spring Track, Winter Track, Cross Country
Jensen Butler – Tennis

Jalen Deleon – Track

Josh Boyle – Track

Lauren Jankowski – Soccer

Paul Hoehn – Golf

Alex Lipnick – Lacrosse


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