The Fault In Our Stars

By Molly Heissler, Features Editor

The highly anticipated movie of the year, The Fault in Our Stars, was released on Friday, June 6. It is a movie based on the loved novel written by John Green.
Many of the intense fans of the book saw the movie on Thursday, June 5 at the first showing, “The Night Before Our Stars.” People who read the book and saw the movie mostly agree that the film stayed true to John Green’s novel. The main ideas and messages stayed true in the movie adaptation; however some of the smaller details were changed when creating the movie. As a movie, most would agree that it was incredible. Some people were disappointed with the lack of development and involvement with the character Isaac. Another issue that people had with the movie, is that it didn’t include Hazel’s best friend, nor did it include Gus’ ex girlfriend-who died of a brain tumor. For the most part it was extremely similiar, but yes, fans were dissapointed with the lack of focus on Issac, who played a much greater part in the novel. A senior, Jax Stewart, shares her opinion, “I loved the book and I’ve read it over and over again a billion times. I had high hopes for the movie, and The Fault in Our Stars movie was everything I had hoped for and more. I saw the movie on one of its first days of release, and it was right on with the book. Everyone in the theatre was in tears, including myself but it was really good.” Other characters that were more prominent in the book than in the movie are Gus’ family members, including his parents and sisters, and Hazel’s friend from high school, Kaitlyn.
The movie is definitely one to bring tissues to, as you will most likely be a mess for at least the last half of the movie. Especially for fans who read the book, it was emotional for them to see their beloved book on the big screen. Tears were shed and it was a very heartwarming (and heart breaking) story.The Fault in Our Stars will whole-heartedly make you appreciate your loved ones.


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