Don’t Just Survive, Thrive

By Rachel Skerker, Opinions Editor

In high school, each year poses a new set of challenges and aspects to get used to. Different schedules, expectations, activities, and people all make an impact on the kind of people we transition into after high school is behind us. During those four years, many students look to the older grades for advice; those who have walked through the halls of our school, and have uncovered the secrets to not only surviving, but thriving, at Governor Livingston.

Sophomores to Freshmen

People who are just starting their time at GL have a lot to look forward to; the next four years are going to be amazing, but also difficult at the same time. Some sophomore’s advice to freshmen include:

“Don’t care what other people think of you…but definitely try to make sure you don’t wear the same outfit as your brother.” – Mr. Nixon

“Do your homework!!” – Veronica Cardiellos

“All right, I’m going to make this easy for you – all the rooms on the top floor are in the 200s, all the rooms on the middle are in the 100s, and the rooms on the bottom floor are all below 100.” – Jared Mandile

“Have good study habits!” – Patrick McNamara

Juniors to Sophomores

Year #2 – you have successfully gone through your first year of high school, and now are comfortable at GL. Juniors advise you to…

“ALWAYS do your math homework…” – Jackie Boland

“Don’t go on vacation the second day of school.” – Olivia Sot

“Don’t procrastinate- it hurts.” – Kealy Cassidy

“Stay organized!” – Lauren Soranno

“Be positive!!!” – Kathryn Reese

“Stay on top of your work, and you’ll just cruise through.” – Ally Mathis

“Get involved with clubs- it is never too late!”- Kealy Cassidy

“Next year you will be upperclassmen…so that’s something to look forward to!” – Susie McLoughlin

Seniors to Juniors

Junior year – the year when college suddenly becomes a looming cloud in the distance, and when students realize that this is the year that truly counts; this is the year that is going to make it on their college application, and when standardized testing becomes as habitual as breathing. No pressure. When asked about what advice they could give to juniors, several seniors responded with the following:

“Give off good vibes.” – Libby Cardone

“Take your SAT’s junior year!” – Paige Benson

“Start thinking about college early, it will make the process easier.” – Bea Collins

“Don’t fall behind in your school work- get ahead, and stay on top of everything.” – Claire Hulburt

“Don’t die.” – Chelsea Cronin

“Take the ACTs – they’re so much better than the SATs.” – Luke Blecker

“…Good Luck!” – Alex Mauriello

Whether you are in your first year or last year at GL, it’s fun to get involved in the school and show school spirit. Showing your support at a football game, joining a new club or creating one, playing sports; there are many ways to get involved in GL. No matter what grade level, students encourage other students to work hard, get involved, and have fun. High school is full of challenges- but it is full of many rewards as well.



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