Where in the World Was I?

Max Toglia – OregonMax pic

“I went to Oregon with my family the second week in August. We flew into Portland, drove down the coast and finished in Bend, Oregon. I went white-water rafting, mountain biking, sand-duning, and climbed on the rubble of a volcano that erupted. Visiting Oregon made me want to go to college out there, it was awesome.”

Julia Yang – Tijuana, Mexico

“The experience was very refreshing; I was honored to help build homes for such kind people. It truly Julia pic2makes me appreciate the things that we usually take for granted.”

Andrew Connolly – Greece

“I went to the island where my mom was born in Greece called Rhodes. We did a lot in a month. We went to theConnolly pic house and village my mom lived in as a kid. We saw family and my mom’s old friends. We went to Mandrike, which is a famous port in Greece. We also went to a lot of beaches and tourist sites. It was pretty cool.”


Decker picMr. Decker – Costa Rica

“The bros surf trip to Costa Rica was as epic as a vacation can get. I took surf lessons with some friends of mine. Basically, hung out, sat in the sun, surfed, and ate good food. It was a really good time.”


Michelle Aronow – HawaiiMichelle pic

“In Maui, we went to a lot of beaches, and went swimming in waterfalls. The coolest thing we did was zip-lining which was really high up.”

Noah picNoah Boldt – New Mexico

“We flew to Denver and then traveled to New Mexico and backpacked for 12 days. We went a total of 120 miles, climbed 5 mountains, and carried 45 pound packs. It feels like you’re on a different planet, and it was a life-changing experience.”

Sarah Cohen – ScotlandSarah pic

“Performing in Scotland was so amazing and unforgettable. The scenery there is absolutely stunning! It was so weird because tourists saw us in our kilts and wanted to take pictures with us, and we were like ‘Uh we’re from America. SURPRISE!’”

Leahy picMs. Leahy – Belize

Lamanai was one of many Mayan cites I visited and they were all really interesting in their own way.However, you have to take an hour and 1/2 boat ride through farms and jungle until you emerge in a large lake and then you see the tips of the highest temples poking through the top of the jungle.

Chelsea Cronin – HawaiiChelsea pic2

“I was at Oahu and went swimming at the beach, paddle-boarding, and hiked up Diamond Head. It was a really nice and relaxing trip.”

Jacob pic2Jacob Herring – China

“My favorite part was the caves we visited. It was called the Yuhua Ancient Cave. Yu means jade, and Hua means China. It was the coldest place in China. They were underground natural rock formations that were all lit up with artificial colored lights and there was a ton of stairs. The stairs were very narrow, very slippery, very high up. They kind of made me fear for my life.”

Cassie Anzalone – Costa RicaCassie pic

“‘Pura Vida!’ In Spanish, it means pure life. When the locals say, ‘Cómo está?’ a local would answer ‘Pura vida,’ and it just means that you are excellent, and life is great and carefree.






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