Wear Your Sneakers and Bring #2 Pencils

By Natalie Marzano, Entertainment Editor

Every school has two types of students; the gym warriors and the gym slackers. While the gym warriors “go hard” every gym class, the slackers try to wrap their heads around why they have to go through this physical “torture”. The answer, as every gym warrior knows, is that students need to be kept physically active especially because they spend eight hours a day sitting in class. Why is it then, that gym class is then turning into a real class, with written exams?

paper.pen I believe that gym should be taken seriously, but the class is beginning to lose its purpose. They are taking the “physical” out of “physical education”. Since when do we have to take written tests in gym class? Gym class should be spent running around, moving your body, and staying active. Taking time to teach things that are irrelevant, and having students take tests is taking away valuable exercise time that some students really need due to their busy schedules. Students have a lot on their plates besides school. After school, students participate in clubs, sports, part time jobs and much more, not to mention they need time to eat, shower, get their school-work done, and get a good nights rest. Unless the student plays a sport, there is a very small window of opportunity for physical activity. Gym class gives a nice break in a high schooler’s day to get up, stretch, move around, and have fun while doing it.pickleball

These silly tests are not only taking away time for exercise, but are also quite pointless. When will I ever need to know how to properly hit a volleyball? Not that I don’t like volleyball, I love it. I like to play for fun with some friends. My point is that if we don’t play sports competitively, we shouldn’t be tested on every little detailed technique. When we chose to play sports in gym the basics should be covered, little detailed techniques however are things that a student should be able to add in on their own in order to make the game fun, and get everyone moving. If students are constantly focusing on the rules and keeping score instead of the act of playing the game itself, how are they are going to get motivated to actually play? Gym class needs to get back to its original focus; keeping high school students healthy and fit, so they can conquer anything the classroom throws at them.


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