College Update: Ipsita Chaterjee (New York University)

By Molly Heissler, Features Editor

What do you miss the most about GL?

I miss being able to walk down a hallway and know basically everyone. It was nice to be sheltered that way, because now I’m surrounded by a lot of people and it makes me homesick for the GL community feel. AND OF COURSE NEWSIES ❤

How is the NYU different?

It’s definitely way bigger, and since I’m in the Engineering School in Brooklyn, it feels like I have a campus in Washington Square Park as well as MetroTech Center-in addition to NYC as a whole-so it’s different to have such a huge area to call home. Also, the workload is a lot harder, but it’s nice to have classes spaced out making it less overwhelming.

What is your most and least favorite thing about NYU?

Before I got to NYU, everyone said it would feel like the city was my campus, and I never really understood that until I got here. It’s amazing to get to have an insulated community in the Brooklyn campus and then also have the whole city to explore and enjoy. I love it! As far as my least favorite thing, it’s having to pay $2.50 every time I use the Subway.

What is your favorite class so far and why?

Even though I’m doing Engineering, I really love my Writing the Essay class. It’s a break from all the math and science, and in just a month, I think it has changed the way I write for the better. I also like my Chemistry class because it is definitely a challenge, but I appreciate that and it makes me want to succeed even more.

What kind of student is a good fit for NYU?

Anyone who loves New York City of course, and really anyone. I think one of the best parts about NYU is it houses just about every single type of person from all around the world. If you’re shy, being here allows you to come out of your shell, and if you’re more outgoing, you have the whole city to show who you are to. If you’re up for an adventure, NYU would be a great fit!

What is the best way to deal with the transition from high school to college?

Honestly, it was a little hard at first to be by myself-away from my parents and my dog-but I think time is the best cure for any homesickness, and the best way to transition from the high school environment to college. Because, at the end of the day, you’re still a student, going to classes, doing homework, and taking tests, but you just have WAY more responsibility. If you surround yourself with good people and give yourself room for error and adjustment, you should be fine.

What is your advice to someone who wants to go to NYU?

If you want it, you can have it, you just have to want it enough to work hard enough. Keep your grades and scores up, and do the things you love, because NYU-and most colleges for that matter-just wants to see that you are passionate about what you do and want to do some good in this world. Get involved where you can and be the best version of yourself. Also, make sure you’re up for living in the big city. It’s crazy but it’s also beautiful and loads of fun! Good luck to everyone who does!


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