Celebrity Uh-Oh’s

By Alex Gonzalez, Staff writer

In the celebrity world there are a lot more chances for the media to twist a situation in the worst way. In normal everyday circumstances, most people share their opinions in what are most likely non-judgmental environments. This provides a comfortable setting in which one person can express their feelings and others can interject their own without any hostility. When it comes to celebrities, however, that safe environment disappears. Celebrities are expected to be good role models, and thus have to watch what they say and how they express their feelings about certain situations. One slip up and the media will be all over them misconstruing their words and conjuring up a mostly fabricated story.

t swizzle k westie
Taylor Swift and Kanye West at the 2009 VMAs

The media in today’s society has a big influence on what the public hears and sees. No matter the situation, the media will either tell the real story, half of the true story, or a completely false story. One celebrity who has had their words and opinions blown out of proportion was Kanye West, who is notorious for interrupting Taylor Swift during the 2009 VMA’s. Even though what he did and said was rude, the situation was over blown. He was simply expressing why he felt she should not have won. He may not have done it in the best way, as his opinion was seen as a jab towards T-Swift. Kanye apologized for his actions and said he meant no offense towards her.

j hill
Jonah Hill

The internet also has a huge influence on how fast information about celebrities is released, whether it is a twitter fight between celebrities and their fans, or videos of celebrities snapping at paparazzi. An example of a video going viral of a celebrity lashing out is the video of Jonah Hill shouting out a homophobic slur towards a TMZ videographer in the summer of 2014. The TMZ paparazzi had been following Jonah all day while making sexual comments about Jonah’s clothes, as well as taking the liberty to shoot personal jabs at his family. Jonah Hill would later go on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and publicly apologize for his use of such a word, and said he felt as though he let the LGBTQ community (which he has supported) down.

Everyone has heard about Duck Dynasty’s own Phil Robertson’s anti-gay statement. Duck Dynasty was a show in which everyone fell in love with the people in it (especially Psy Robert-son). The show now has many people who are disgusted with what some of the cast members had said. During September of 2014, Phil Robertson made homophobic statements in an interview for GQ magazine. He based his statement on privately held beliefs that he had been taught, and although what he stated cannot be condoned, the negative backlash his statements created can be seen as an example of how famous individuals can be set in a very judgmental environment based on what they express.

The actions taken by these celebrities were not the best, but one can argue that in today’s society, many people hold famous figures to a much higher standard when it comes to them ex-pressing opinions. If everyday people were always quoted or followed around by paparazzi, it would make them feel restricted to what they can do or say; which in turn would give them an understanding of how a celebrity might feel.



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