Coffee House on the Road

By Liz Schwartz, Staff writer

On January 20 GL held its very first road trip coffee house at Famous Dave’s in Mountainside. “It was a great turnout, I am so proud of all the musicians that went out on stage and performed”, says Mr. Segear, Trend director and Guitar Club leader.

coffee house
From right to left: Ryan Hernandez and Teddy Cole

There was a total of 14 performers including Ryan Hernandez, Teddy Cole, Annabella Hernandez, Adrianna Powers, Matt Nixon, Matt Sylvester, Kilian Quinn, Sean Hannaford, Matt Ward and Matt Koutsaftes, while the faculty performers were Mr. Ayres, Ms. Roman and Mr. Segear.

On average there are normally up to two coffee houses a year this being one of the most successful out of the few. “The plan was to offer the road trip coffee house during one of their slowest business days and times, in private area of their business where customers could sit, eat and enjoy the musical performances. The secluded area would be away from the general dining area, so the students would only be performing in front of fellow GHLS students, friends, moms, dads, grandparents and siblings”.

Adriana Powers, junior, singing “A Thousand Years”

“The road trip coffee house is a great way to represent our school and make us leaders”, Mr. Segear says. For some of the performers it was their first debut.

Below is a list of songs performed by the musicians:

Adrianna Powers- A Thousand Years

Mr. Ayres and Ryan Hernandez- Star Eyes

Matt Nixon and Matt Sylvester- Black and Do you Believe in Magic

Annabella Hernandez and Ryan Hernandez- Little Talks

Killian Quinn and Sean Hannaford- Piano Man

Matt Koutsaftes- Everlong and Adams Song

Matt Ward, Ryan Hernandez, Mr. Ayres- Blue Bossa

Sean Hannaford- We’re Going to be Friends

Ms. Roman- The Greatest Love of All, How do I Live

Mr. Segear- Since I met you Baby

The first ever Road Trip Cofee House had a huge crowd filled with supportive friends, family, teachers, and students. It was a great success.” Mr. Segear explained to the students and faculty members that they were ambassadors for our school district, because they were going to create “good will” by sharing their musical talent and bring business in to these loyal businesses on a night that would normally be a slow night”.

Congratulations to all of the performers. The first Road Trip was a huge success, and hopefully next time more people will come support at this event.



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