The Hook Up Culture

By Molly Heissler, Features Editor

It has come to be that the current generation of teenagers and young adults struggle when it comes to “old-fashioned” dating.” A date means to go out with someone in whom one is romantically or sexually interested. High school and college dating is better defined as continuous hook-ups and open relationships. The idea of going on a “first date” and getting to know someone before getting involved seems to have diminished. This is the reason for the lack of dating skills which beyond the popular belief, will not magically change after school, in the real world.

holding hands pic for realOlder generations are curious as to where the social standards changed, yet it makes sense because of the influence that media has on everyone. Music these days does not promote long term relationships but instead glorifies sexual relationships and one night stands. Artists such as Pitbull, Lil’ Wayne, and so many others, tend to base their music on such experiences. Social media and online dating has also contributed to the change in social norms in the way people interact. Apps such as Tinder promote quick sexual relations by quickly finding a partner based on their appearance in the profile. Tinder is known as a way for teens to get a quick hookup and move on and look for more users later. Even some advertisements represent this social action, for example, the Axe Body Spray commercial which shows a male using the product and women immediately attract to him. All forms of media have come to display and influence hook-ups rather than relationships.

Hooking up has become a relevant part of today’s society and is now considered a normal act of affection among teenagers. This is the way relationships have evolved over time and it is going to continue to evolve in different ways. While this is not wrong and can be accepted in today’s world, it is always important to keep self-respect and values in mind. Real dating can be fun and exciting and having dating skills can come as helpful in the future. Some may argue that our generation needs to learn how to date, but it is all about personal preference. Overall, people have their own ideas and desires in society and whether it be to have random hook-ups or have a long term relationship it has come to be accepted.



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