Disaster Strikes Trap Rock and Magic Fountain

By Emma Dimaio, Staff Writer

Disaster struck at 7:47 a.m. on Saturday, April 11 when smoke that was pouring out of the infamous beacon of hope known as Magic Fountain had been reported. The fire was contained by 8:39 a.m. During the blaze, firefighters could be seen entering through the side of the structure, while others opened holes for ventilation on the front and roof of the building. Plumes of black smoke emerged from multiple sides of the building, and flames shot through the roof opening. Unfortunately, not much is known about the cause of the fire as it is still under investigation.

m fountain fire
Legemdary Magic Fountain before the fire.
fire magic fountain 11111
After the fire.

Meanwhile, the Berkeley Heights Fire Department was called to the restaurant, Trap Rock, at 7:45 a.m. after a beer brewing tank ruptured due to an overflow of pressure.

This explosion caused damage to the interior and exterior of the building which, unlike Magic Fountain, was open for dinner that same night. Because the explosion occurred in the brewery rather than the restaurant, food continues to be served, however it will be awhile before the establishment begins brewing again.

trap rock before
Trap Rock Brewery before the fire.
trap rock after fire
Trap Rock’s damage after the fire.




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