GL Field Hockey Rebuilt

Field Hockey

Karly Deland, Sports Editor

The clashing of equipment, the chanting and cheering from the sidelines, players working together as a team in order to reach a common goal. This is what it is like to play on the girls’ GL field hockey team, a school team that strives to win, as well as be a family with the people who love the sport.

Field hockey is an outdoor game played by two opposing teams consisting of eleven players each, who use sticks curved at the striking end to hit a small, hard ball into their opponent’s goal.The GL girl’s field hockey team has done a good job of defending GL’s name within their conference league.

The Governor Livingston Field Hockey team is coming into the 2015 season looking to improve on last years 8-8-3 record. However that task does not come without its own challenges. The Lady Highlanders are rebuilding their team after graduating 16 seniors last year leaving only three returning varsity players.

The captains this year include seniors Kealy Cassidy, and Kelsea Siter as well as junior Kate O’Donnell. Despite losing so many players these captains keep the positivity flowing and hope to lead the team in a successful season in the highly competitive Union County Conference. This year the Lady Highlanders have a record of one win and two loses. This is a pretty good record considering the tough competition they face. In fact, the highlanders are in a great position to do well this season and are striving to keep gaining wins. There has already been some excitement surrounding their victory over Livingston, which they secured in within the last fifty-five seconds of the game.

When asked about the captain squad senior captain Kealey Cassidy said, “We spend a lot of time together on and off the field so we have good communication between the three of us and try to translate that to the rest of the team so we have a positive environment.” She also told us the teams goals when it come to counties, “I think considering we won the first county game I believe we have a good shot of standing up to tough teams.”

When asked about how she thought the season was in general she vocalized to us that, “With all the new girls, the juniors especially have definitely stepped up and there is good synergy on the field. People work well together and our skill have definitely improved from preseason. We are standing up to difficult teams in a way that we haven’t in the past”

GL is definitely proud of all their athletic teams, especially the field hockey team. It is clear that this team strives for excellence while having fun and working hard at the same time. The GL hockey team gives their all at every practice and is one to watch out for on the field. They are excellent representatives of the GL Highlander spirit and wish them luck and great success this season.

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