GL Tennis is Making a Racquet

Alex Gonzalez, Co-Editor in Cheif

The sheer one-on-one competition seeing your opponent staring you down across the court and serving the ball with all the power in the world to gain that “W” is intense. Tennis is both a team and individual sport; the player wins for herself and the good of the team. In the end the individuals on the team are enjoying a fast paced, strategic game. Governor Livingston has a competitive, girls tennis team competing this fall headed by a strong, experienced coach in Mr. Meakem.

The team has had a good season so far and is prepared to take down the competition. “We are  currently  6-2  this  season,” Coach Meakem said, “we  are  in  a  new  division  this  year  within  the  Union  County Conference  and  have  performed  very  well  so  far  in  our  new  division.    We  are  6-0  in  our  division.”

This year’s Lady Highlanders have many new faces on the squad. “We graduated  6  of  our  7  starters  from  last  year’s  team,” Coach Meakem said, “so  it  is  definitely  a  new  group  of  girls  who are doing a great job creating chemistry and playing well together.” The team is lead on the court by Senior captain Vicki Thomaides. Coach Meakem remarked, “I’m  very  proud  of  her  because  she  is  in  a  unique  position  of being  a  captain  during  her  first  year  of  varsity. Our  only  varsity  returning  starter  is  a  sophomore and  so  we  needed  to  find  some  strong  senior  leadership  despite  the  inexperience. I  think  the girls have taken VERY well to Vicki and that she is growing every day as a player and a leader.”

Although the majority of the team lacks varsity experience, they do not disappoint. They are strong willed and ready to represent the Highlanders in a good way.” When asked about his goals for this strong, successful team Coach Meakem responded, “I  think  a  division  championship  in  our  new  division  this  year  is  an  attainable  goal.”

The Lady Highlanders will begin their quest for a title this week as they face opponents in the first round of the County Tournament. “We know have some challenging matches coming up but we’re confident that this tournament will be competitive,” Vicki Thomaides said, “and we will have some fun over these next few days.”


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