GL Girls Lacrosse Preview

Lindsay Gerrato, Opinions Editor 

The Governor Livingston girl’s lacrosse team has never looked better. This will be the first time in 5 years that the program has a coaching staff that has been on for two seasons in a row. Coach Musynske and Coach Fry are a dynamic duo ready to whip the team into shape.


The team has several returning varsity players along with new additions. Three seniors, Alice Caballero, Julia Gilpin, and Steph Dowling will all play integral roles on the team this year. Gilpin’s aggressive defense and intense hustle is every attacker’s worst nightmare. Caballero’s insane quickness and agility makes her a threat in all aspects of the game. Dowling’s driving capabilities and her eye for assisting her teammates, allows her to be a leader on the attacking end.


After losing in a close game to Millburn last season in the conference championship, the highlander’s hope to take home the win this year and get a banner in the gym; the first girl’s lacrosse banner to date.
With a scrimmage against Caldwell on Friday, fans will get a taste of what this season is going to bring.


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