GL and Moody’s Mega Math Challenge!

Governor Livingston High School has been named a finalist in this year’s Moody’s Mega Math Challenge. Participants included seniors Alex Ju and Anna Song and juniors Gianna Miggins, Niyant Narang and Michael Wu. The rapidly changing landscape of the automotive industry, in which automakers are transforming themselves from car builders into ‘mobility companies,’ was the focus of this year’s challenge, an annual applied math contest in which high school students use mathematical modeling to devise solutions to relevant everyday issues. Out of the 1,084 papers submitted in this year’s challenge, Governor Livingston is among the top six submissions. This is a distinguished accomplishment, given the rigorous and intense scrutiny applied to all submissions. The team will present their solution to a panel of professional applied mathematicians in the final validation phase of judging on April 25 at Moody’s Corporation in Manhattan. Niyant Narang expressed the group’s excitement. “The experience of the Moody’s challenge is definitely like nothing I, or any of my teammates, have ever done before. The thought and focus that we collectively put into our paper during the 14 hour period gave us a sense of what we could accomplish when we really pushed ourselves, and I am so proud of our team for making it through the judging and into the final 6.”


Mr. Steve Hess, Governor Livingston math teacher and Moody Challenge coach, discussed the process. “The Moody’s contest is unique in that it provides a complex, realistic challenge, and then expects the students to come up with a detailed solutionthrough an intense burst of focused teamwork – on their own. This is not like a sport where the coach is on the sideline shouting instructions. I get them set-up and give some advice, but on challenge day I have no contact with them. We’ve fielded teams every year since the contest began and our kids always feel that it is totally worth the huge effort. The students are always proud of, and somewhat amazed, at what they can produce in 14 hours. Most people would assume their 20 page technical paper was the output of months of research and steady work.” The team is looking forward to the end of April when they will present their solution to the Moody’s panel. Final rank order of the top six teams will be confirmed during this phase.-+


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