School Monitoring Social Media

Matt Jones, Staff Writer

Social Media at Governor Livingston is widely used ranging from Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Why does G.L.  restrict the use of certain apps and websites on the school’s wifi?

Every student that goes to Governor Livingston is assigned an iPad. Many students use this device for academic purposes such as managing classes through Google classroom and storing textbooks. But some students wish they could check their favorite social media apps on this device as well.

Students are allowed to play games on the iPad’s during free time in school

Senior Michael Perrotta said, “It’s really annoying that the school blocks social media apps on the iPads, there is like no point.” Other students agreed as well, it feels like just an inconvenience.

There is also no privacy on the ipads according to Mr.Decker, “ The school can search your iPad whenever they want and do not need permission.”

Student Kian Monaghan says, “ Some restrictions are important like inappropriate websites, but some of the social media restrictions can be annoying.”

                   The reason why the school has these restrictions is the Children’s Internet Protection Act that was signed into law in 2001. Any school that receives government funding to help underwrite internet or telecommunications cost needs are required by CIPA to create an internet safety policy that filters or blocks certain kinds of websites.

SO G.L. is not just trying to be inconvenient to students. The school is required by law to create a policy that restricts minors from inappropriate content and that policy extended to social media.


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