TSA Club

Danielle Petryk, Staff Writer

If engineering, mathematics, or scientific reasoning is your forte, then you should really consider joining the TSA club. TSA, better known as the Technology Student Association, is an elite club here at Governor Livingston where students compete in engineering competitions annually at NJIT.

The club is directed by Dr. Morgan, who invites students to join the club who excel in math and science. The selectees are divided up into 9th/10th and 11th/12th grade teams. While TSA is mainly student run, Dr. Morgan and Mr. Finley have a big hand in organizing the club’s agenda.

There are many components to a TSA competition. Jimmy Pitingolo, a member of the club, states, “the competitions usually have a theme and consist of and essay, a build, and a multiple choice test.” Prior to their competition at NJIT, the students have to formulate their essay and sharpen up on their skills.

The club has had great successes and even bigger aspirations. Last summer, one of GL’s teams went all the way to nationals in Nashville, Tennessee, where they placed third nationally for their neuroscience essay. The club has high hopes of sending another team to Orlando this year. For the future, TSA members have great ambitions to work in STEM fields. Eileen Li states, “I found out I wanted to be a chemical engineer to develop byproducts that will replace synthetic plastics and aluminum to mitigate the effects of global warming.” TSA is a great starting point to create critical thinking skills and deductive, logical reasoning to launch into keen interests and future professions.


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