Açaí Bowl Fever

Sara Kelly, Entertainment Editor

Acai bowls seem to be the most popular food trend this season. Acai is a berry from Brazil that is blended with ice and other fruits to create a thick smoothie and is topped with granola, fruits and even occasionally Nutella to create the different types of Acai bowls we’ve been seeing everywhere. Everyone has seen at least one available bowl on their Instagram feed or a friends VSCO. People at GL seem to go out on every occasion to get Acai bowls at either Juice House in Garwood, or Ono Bowls in Westfield. We’ve decided to go out and try different Acai Bowls at the most popular juice shops in the area.
The first place we went was the Juice House in Garwood. The best thing about Juice House is that they have Nutella, which is great with granola and strawberries. At Juice House they have a lot of options for Acai bowls. They have one type of Acai and they always include their “RawNola”. Their granola has chia seeds and hemp, which gives it the unique and distinguishable flavor. It’s marketed as healthy and part of a fit lifestyle, but it seems like there’s so much sugar in the bowls that they can’t really be that healthy.
The Next place we went was Ono Bowls in Westfield. The best thing about Ono Bowls is the fact that they have so many options. They have Acai bowls and pitaya bowls. We talked to the guys working there and they said they have the scooped Acai and another type that they make in the store that’s thinner and not as sweet. All of the bowls have fruit and granola but they use the different types of smoothie bases. We tried both types and their both delicious. The granola at Ono bowls wasn’t as coarse as the Juice House’s “RawNola”. They use walnuts and it has a vanilla flavor, which tastes really good when it’s with the fruit. Also, their fruit is really fresh and you can actually watch them cut it up which is pretty cool.
My favorite for Acai bowls is definitely Ono Bowls. Their granola is better, it has walnuts and it’s almost a vanilla honey flavor which I really like. It’s not as coarse as the Juice House “RawNola”. I like Ono Bowls because the consistency of the Acai is smoother and softer. It’s more of a thick smoothie texture rather than hard ice cream. Overall, Acai bowls are really filling and they seem “healthy” so we’ll definitely be seeing more of them.


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