Debby Ryan vs. Bridgit Mendler

Alex Budka, Staff Writer

Amanda Johnson, Staff Writer


Alex Budka: Team Debby

Amanda Johnson: Team Mendler


Alex: I like Debby Ryan so much better. She starred in two shows!


Amanda: So did Bridgit Mendler! She was in Wizards of Waverly place AND Good Luck Charlie. She also played mucho more diverse characters, as one was a vampire and one was a human.


Alex: Jessie was so much better than Good Luck Charlie.


Amanda: Bob Duncan.


Alex: Look, I understand that Bob Duncan is singlehandlely the most powerful, amazing, influential, icon America has ever seen, the world has ever seen. However, we are not arguing Bob Duncan vs. Debby Ryan vs. Bridgit Mendler. Someone who serves no purpose in this world.


Amanda: But the fact that Bridgit Mendler has met Bob Duncan and played his daughter makes her an icon as well. Not to mention that her smash hit, Ready or Not, took the nation by storm and continues to make Spotify playlists 200000 times better today.


Alex: Bridgit Mendler’s name isn’t even spelled right.


Amanda: Okay, let’s be honest, Debby Ryan is basically a bad Demi Lovato knockoff. Bridgit Mendler, on the other hand, is an individual.


Alex: And Bridgit Mendler is individual in a bad way. Debby Ryan is a queen. “Jessie” is EASILY one of the best shows of this generation and is cinematic genius


Amanda: Jessie about a stupid rich couple that didn’t have time for their kids so they hire a random nanny off the street who didn’t have any friends her own age. Doesn’t quite sound like “cinematic genius” to me. Good Luck Charlie Showcased the amazing lives of many prodigees that were lucky enough to work in the presence of Bridgit Mendler, such as Gabe Duncan, PJ Duncan, PJ Duncan friend Emmet, Amy Duncan, Bob Duncan, and obviously Charlotte Duncan. Clearly the plot of Good Luck Charlie was much more complex and interesting than that of Jessie.


Alex: Once the baby grew up, the show sucked. And it’s basically the same thing as Full House. Jessie, on the other hand, is timeless. What’s better than Mr. Kipling?


Amanda: hmm, let me think, maybe BOB DUNCAN.


Alex: Not only was Debby Ryan a star in Jessie, but she also slayed on Sweet Life on Deck, and who can forget 16 Wishes?


Amanda: What about Bridgit’s cameos in Wizards of Waverly Place (a classic) and the Disney channel original movie Lemonade Mouth?! Not to mention, she is more than just an actress (and a dang good one at that). According to Wikipedia, she is an actress, singer, AND songwriter who has a degree in anthropology from USC. Debby Ryan, on the other hand, had a criminal record. *drops mic*


Alex: Debby Ryan got arrested which kind of gives her the bad girl vibe, unlike Bridgit Mendler.



Amanda: Bridgit Mendler got to work with Selena Gomez and Bob Duncan, who did Debby get to work with???


What’s better, the annoying, repetitive Jessie theme song or Ready or not?


Jessie didn’t even have friends her own age. She hung out with kids all the time. Jessie was such a kids show.

Take a look at this twitter poll that shows a complete split in voting:

twitter poll deb v brig



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