Online Dating or College Roommate Searching?

Danielle Petryk, Staff Writer
Now that most seniors know where they are going to school, the next steps leading up to college are easygoing and often times fun. One of the most vital components for everyone is finding a roommate. The roommate search has been crafted into an elaborate and complex experience that encompasses Facebook groups, GroupMes, and endless one on one conversations. When taking a step back, it looks as though seniors are trying to find the perfect date! But in all seriousness, roommates are an essential part of the first year college experience as people want to find someone who compliments them well, has similar study habits, and is not a complete psycho.
Social media has elevated the roommate process to a whole new level. When asked why seniors get a Facebook for the first time, there answers are for college and prom purposes. Each college has its own group of prospective students that post blurbs about themselves and pictures that exemplify who they are. If someone finds they are similar to someone from the posts, private conversations are established that further the roommate process.
The roommate search is one of infinite tasks that incoming college students take part in. It is easy to say that high school seniors are living in exciting times with much uncertainty and optimism.

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